Story Winter Khairunnisa Nanda

Merhaba, Turkey!

Holla, everyone!

It’s me, Nisa. I’m from University Muhammadiyah of Purwokerto. And fortunately, I can be chosen as one of the delegates from ISMAFARSI for Student Exchange Programme 2022, Winter Period. Big thanks to Rania and the team!

So, with this article, I would explain my SEP story. Who’s excited here??

As new college students, there are many events that we should participate in. One of the events is VPLF (Varsity Pharmaceutical Leadership Forum), or usually, we call it “LK 1”. I’m sure all of you are familiar with this event and participated too in this event. At that event, one of a speaker is Ms. Patricia. She is External Expert Staff of ISMAFARSI Joglosepur Region. And of course, she explained about SEP event. I’m very excited at that time about this event, because there is a chance for us, as a pharmacy students, to go abroad and learn about pharmacy in another country. Very excited!

Day by day, week by day, year by year, time flies so fast. When November 2020, there is an announcement about open registration for SEP Winter 20-21. I tell this information to my friend, Odah, who also wants to try to register for this event. And because both of us are not ready to register SEP in the winter 20-21 period, we decide to register next year.

My seniors, Hilman and Ihza, are delegates for SEP WInter 20-21 period, and they go to Egypt for doing their SEP. Because of that, when I and Odah decide to register SEP WInter 21-22, we were helped by them in many things. Big thanks to them !

And finally, I register for this event! Luckily, I can pass administration and also interview selection, and be one of SEP delegates, Winter 21-22 period. I didn’t expect can be the one of SEP delegates. It’s like…. One of my dream come true! But, the journey has just begun from here…..

I should do the next step, which is to pay for registration, fill an application form, and the hardest thing is, to find sponsorship for fundraising!
Alhamdulillah, from my university, four people pass selection for SEP, they are Odah, Intan, Camel, and me. We decide to choose the same country, Turkey and Egypt. But in the end, Odah and I go to Turkey, Camel and Intan go to Egypt.
When we fill for application form, there is so much trouble, because of the web error. So, if you would to fill the application form, make sure it’s saved.
When finding a sponsor for fundraising, we apply to several institutions, from internal and external campuses. The sponsor who applies our proposal is LAZISMU Banyumas, Faculty of Pharmacy, International affair office, vice-rector, and Bank Jateng Syariah.

Six people be delegates from ISMAFARSI to Turkey. We create a WhatsApp group for communication. And we decided to go to Turkey together!
When you arrive at the Turkey airport, make sure you should with the group! Because it will be difficult if you lost. Also, don’t forget to roaming data when you want to go to Turkey. If you want to use a Turkish provider while there, buy only one day of roaming data.
Our first agenda is to stroll around Istanbul. We choose to stay in Taksim Square for 3 days. We visited some places, that is Hagia Sophia Mosque, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Galata Tower, and Grand Bazaar to buy souvenirs.
After 3 days we live together, we should go to each apartment, because we do SEP in another university. Odah, Claudia, and me, were placed in Acibadem University. And Adinda, CAres, Husnun, they placed in Yeditepe University.

My first day doing an internship is just an orientation day. They show to me the laboratories on Faculty of Pharmacy. During my internship, I’m companied by Kevser Hoca*, and sometimes Buse Hoca comes to laboratories.

For this internship, I choose to do research in Pharmacognosy field. The reason why I choose this field is because there is many plants that can be used as medicine. And I am interesting to deepen in that field. Actually, regarding the placement of laboratories, it is determined by TPA-YC, as an association there. But, maybe they also look at our application form, because I mentioned in my application form, I am interested to pharmacognosy field.
My activity during an internship is to help Kevser Hoca, doing her Ph.D. thesis. Her thesis is about “Isolation saponin from Astragalus kurdicus”. And also doing Astragalus kurdicus and Astragalus noeanus Antioxidant Test. For the full activity in the laboratory, you can check it here

After I do research at Pharmacognosy Laboratory, I have a new insight. Because of the pandemic Covid-19, the methode of practicum is changing become online practice. And there is a differences between if we directly practice and just watch a video. Because of this program, I can practice the thing that I never do before.

Almost forgot, I haven’t explained my reason to join in this program. I join on this program, because I would to deepen my knowledge–especially in the pharmacy field. And also, go abroad is one of my dreams. So, I think with I join in this event, can be my chance to realize one of my dreams. And I choose Turkey, because many reasons. First, I think Turkey has a good pharmaceutical education. Turkey also has a cheap living costs, and transportation too. And the most important thing, we aren’t difficult to find halal food there. About the taste, most of the Turkish food that I ate, has a delicious taste. But maybe, for Indonesian people, it’s a little bit less salty.

Thank you ISMAFARSI, especially Rania and the team, for organizing this event very well.

And for you, who still confused to registerfor this event. Just try it! I’m pretty sure, you will get many benefits after you join in this event. New knowledge, new culture, and also you can have a new friend from another country!
Thank you, don’t forget to register SEP!

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