Story Winter Husnun Azizah

When I was child, I just saw somebody playing with snow in my television. At the time, I was wondering could I have a chance to do the same things? And, now I got much winter experience more than I expected.

“You’ll never know until you try”

Last year, I felt like not enough if just sitting in my class as a pharmacy student so I needed to take some direct experience to expand my pharmaceutical ability. Then, Student Exchange Programme (SEP) Winter coming up, I knew I had to take this program because I believed that it would improved my skill and knowledge in the research field. Besides that, this opportunity completed my childhood dream came true. 

Hi! I’m Husnun Azizah as a final year of pharmacy student in Andalas University. I joined SEP registration in November, I prepared some of requirement things like passport, curriculum vitae (CV) and motivation letter. After that, I have to do my online interview with Student Exchange Officer (SEO )of Indonesia, Rania and her stuff. A few weeks later, Turkish Pharmacists’ Association Youth Comission (TPA-YC) accepted me as a student exchange in Yeditepe University, Turkey from the 1st of February 2022 to 14th February 2022.

In the middle of December, Me and five of SEPers started to arranged all of our preparation before our SEP period. Fortunately, in 2022 the Turkish government has removed the visa requirement for all of Indonesian citizens. For the accommodation, We spent more than a week looking for a suitable place to stay and the dormitory of the university temporary closed due to Covid-19 issues. So, we have to find an appartement which comfortable to us, with low cost and near with the campus. But, it was easier because all of the hosting members of TPA-YC really helped us to get it. After that, the last of December, we got our flight ticket by using Turkish Airlines. The last, we organized our own stuff like having a coat, gloves, a scarf and boots to keep us warm during the winter session.

Our departure on 27 January 2022, three days earlier before SEP period because we wanted to travel first around Istanbul (HEHE). Sitting on a plane for 12 hours was exhausting but it was all gone by the time I arrived in Istanbul, Turkey. This town was full of wonderful places and the people were all so friendly and welcoming. I never had any doubts about choosing this country as the destination for my once-in-a-lifetime adventure. We were very thankful because our Local Exchange Officer (LEO) picked us up from Istanbul Airport to our appartement in Taksim. In the next day, they guided us to some wonderful places like Galata Tower, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Spice Bazaar. And also, we trying some of foods which really tasteful.

On February, 2022 Me, Adinda and Caresya moved to Atasehir, the location of Yeditepe University. While the others, Odah, Claudia and Nisa will stayed near Acibadem University. Yap, we separated in here but don’t worry because our distance was quite close. Dilan as LEO of Yeditepe University brought us walked around the campus. At the time, I was amazed because of beautiful and very wide campus. The atmosphere were calm and peace, filled with many trees.

I did my research of pharmaceutical technology because it seems interesting for me to learn about all aspects of pharmaceutical products from discovery to raw material processing and development to pharmaceutical preparation. The lecturer were so great and cool, they shared a lot of new perspective things to me. Not only in class, I had a direct experience to do some practices in laboratory. We called them with ‘Hoca’ means lecturer. They focused on cosmetic development, so I had a chance to make a parfumes, baby’s cream and GG Hoca gave a lip balm made by hers. In addition, Burcu, Juste and Meltem Hoca teached us about some of instrument such as FT-IR, HPLC, DSC and Spectrophotometry UV-VIS. It was really helpful for me because of related to my final thesis. And also, Prof. Cetin Tas gave us more knowledge about Microneedles Patches as a drug delivery to enhance the drug administration. It wasn’t only about pharmacy, we also got so much amazing stories from all of them and had a new insight.

Having an international study was really enlighten me especially for pharmaceutical technology development. We discussed a lot of things, a currently pharmacy issue, how to be a survive pharmacist in the future because the technology fly so fast. They also shared us about pharmacist career planning and how to build it. Maybe it was only two weeks, but I gained everything that I need. I don’t know how if I gave up on my first place then didn’t do this program. It will be my biggest regret in my life. You guys have to try at least once in whole life.

You know what? At the weekend, one of the lecturer, Burcu Hoca invited us strolling around to see sea sight at Caddebostan Sahil with her cutie daughter, Elif. It was so fun and we were really enjoy the trip. I’m blown away by their kindness.

Living in another country can be a real eye-opener. During this program, as I thought before, I will learned so much things even though it didn’t always goes well but I  was so grateful that my SEPers buddy always supportive and I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

We went to the campus every day by walking, having some good meals, traveled together, bought so many unique things, having a late night conversation, cooking together and I will remember every second of our memories <3

I cried a lot on the last day of our SEP period and the closing statement made me realized that how difficult it was to leave this memorable place. And the most touching thing was when Dilan remembered that I like spicy foods, so when she returned from her hometown, she bought the spiciest chili. Thank you Dilan.

I know that words can’t express how thankful I am for all of the people in this SEP. For all the lecturers who have motivated me to do more as a pharmacist. For my SEPers, Adinda, Caresya, Claudia, Odah and Nisa. For SEO of TPA-YC, Yigit. For Dilan as LEO of Yeditepe University and the members. For Tugce as LEO of Acibadem University and the members. Especially for ISMAFARSI which provide this great program, SEO of Indonesia, Rania and the members. I am sending my warm hug to all of you. Hope you always doing well wherever you are.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams” -Oprah Winfrey-

So, create your dreams, take a chance, take a risk, enjoy the process and learn something that u never had before.

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