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Story Winter Khairunnisa Nanda

Merhaba, Turkey! Holla, everyone! It’s me, Nisa. I’m from University Muhammadiyah of Purwokerto. And fortunately, I can be chosen as one of the delegates from ISMAFARSI for Student Exchange Programme 2022, Winter Period. Big thanks to Rania and the team! So, with this article, I would explain my SEP story. Who’s excited here?? As new …

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Story Winter Adinda Putri

CARCH YOUR PHARMACY WITH SEP ISMAFARSI Hello peeps, I would like to drop some of my wonderful memories here on SEP Story Competition 2022. Let me introduce myself first. Well, hello! My name is Adinda Putri Rahmah as a third year international pharmacy student at Universitas Islam Indonesia. Since I’m an enthusiastic person in exploring …

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